Praia da Luz, Western Algarve. Portugal

Pic:Praia da Luz Harbour

Praia da Luz is a small village just 6kms from Lagos and the name translate to “Beach of the Light” is well known by many for its beautiful beach and quaint town square centre, complete with traditional Portuguese church.

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For many Praia da Luz is THE perfect holiday spot, with most properties within walking distance to the beach and the town centre, plenty of amenities nearby and of course Lagos just a 5 minute drive away for anything more.

Pic:Praia da Luz Beach

Due to the proximity to the coast line the prices in Luz, although not expensive, have increased over the last few years, with a distinct lack of new properties being built the market place has seen popularity increase and as a result price rises also.

Pic:Praia da Luz Sea Views

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