Albufeira, Central Algarve, Portugal

Pic:Albufeira Beach

Albufeira today is synonymous with tourism and the hustle and bustle of thousands of holiday makers flooding through the historic old town quart er, as well as the neon lights of the "strip".

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However it is also an area steeped in history dating back centuries to the Neolithic and Bronze ages. In fact many of the old worldly traits can be seen here today.

From Fishing Port to City

The origins of this great city are found back when the Moors gradually inhabited the Algarve, the name Albufeira comes from the Arab "Al-Buhera", which means "Castle of the Sea" which is perhaps derived from the large fortification built atop the lower part of the town.

Much of the inhabitants of Albufeira made their living from the fishing industry during the 19th century, this in fact was almost the sole means of income for the city at that time, and is still evident today, although not so prominent. It was not until the 1960’s that Albufeira become a holiday destination and tourism began to be seen as a potential income generator for the area. This tourism, grew and grew and in 1986 Albufeira, gained the title of “city”, and has been host to millions of people of the years, with no sign of any decline in its popularity, and it recognised as one of the most desired holiday destinations in Europe.

Pic:Albufeira Town Square

Holidays and Tourism

With the continued growth of tourism Albufeira increased its touristic borders to include Montechoro, Areias de Sao Joao and Oura, all which become hugely popular holiday destinations. More recently the new Albufeira Marina has extended the area of appeal to the Gale and Salgados areas.

There are a large percentage of the Algarve’s visitors who remain transfixed by the history or the old cobbled streets, and the local fishermen still hold ing onto the old ways, in amongst the modern backdrops of fine cuisine restaurants bars and night clubs. With over 20 beaches, stretching along the Albufeira coast line and 4 golf courses there is something for everyone to enjoy in this remarkable city.

Pic:Albufeira Street Scene

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